Our Mission

Our mission at Float Manila is to empower others to discover their optimal selves and live ecstatically,   by sharing the knowledge and technologies of both modern science and ancient contemplative practices.

Float Manila was born out of our shared passion for cultivating mental and physical well-being and our curiosity to explore our own mental states, which led us to discover float therapy as a novel and reliable way to produce altered states of consciousness, and serve as an effective antidote to the stress of a modern lifestyle in a bustling city like Manila. Combined with regular mindfulness practice, these have become indispensable tools for maintaining balance and wellness in our lives as we have grown our family and business. We are passionate about pursuing these states of mind in our own lives and are driven by a deeply felt desire to share our experiences with others.

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Our Family

We believe in healing both the mind and body, and are redefining the concept of a spa to cater to individuals who also seek to live a more mindful and healthy lifestyle. Our focus is on helping our clients to unlock extraordinary states of consciousness. We have developed the first floatation therapy service (aka R.E.S.T. or sensory deprivation) in the Philippines, along with complementary services including massage, personalized mindfulness coaching and group mindfulness courses.

Float Manila is a small, family business and we aim to provide an intimate customer experience while giving you the tools to experiment with your consciousness in the laboratory of your mind.

By appointment only. Bookings can be made here on our website, Facebook page, or by phone.

Ben Paulson


High School Counselor

Mindfulness Coach

Chicago, USA

Jeng Paulson


Preschool Teacher

Kids Yoga Instructor

Manila, Philippines

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