What could be more important than learning to be the master of your own mind?

Simply put, mindfulness is the ability to know to what's going on in your head right now, without getting carried away by it. This seemingly simple task can actually be quite difficult, as our minds are inclined to plan, worry, ruminate, replay, wonder, or do just about anything else to distract ourselves from just being in the present moment.

Improving your mindfulness can impact numerous aspects of your life — strengthening attention, emotional regulation, relationships and gratitude — to name a few. The good news is that the latest neuroscience research clearly demonstrates that mindfulness is indeed a skill, one that you can improve through practice.

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Free yourself from distraction.

Experience total relaxation.

Float therapy offers a unique opportunity to disconnect from the stress and distractions of daily life by immersing yourself in an environment scientifically designed to free your body and mind from the outside world, allowing you to reconnect with your body’s own internal signals.



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Achieve unparalleled relaxation

Experience relief from joint aches and pains

Access untapped creativity

unplug from the world
         reconnect with your self

I heard about floating from a friend of mine and I wanted to try it for myself. I am happy that floatmanila brought this therapy to the Philippines! When I arrived, I pretty much knew what to expect, but what I was pleasantly surprised with was Jeng's openness and enthusiasm about floating and mindfulness. I also decided to start my session with Thync calm, which set my mood for a more effective float.

The experience was indescribable and would definitely do it again! I encourage everyone to add this to their wellness routine.



Don't take our word for it. Listen to what our guests have been saying.

It was my first time to float yesterday and all I can say is that the experience was surreal. The solitude was very calming. It was so relaxing and I was just in a very serene state.

I commend Ben and Jeng's hospitality. They welcomed us to their lovely home and were very detailed in explaining what to expect and how to go about the float.

If you want to get away from all the distractions in the city and have some legitimate alone time, I suggest you try to float as well!

It was very enlightening, the whole experience was calming. It's very personal and words can't describe it.

You just have to try it and find out.

Would like to thank both Jeng and Ben for being very hospitable and thorough in providing a great float experience from start to finish. Very cozy setting for a float. Rescheduling right away!

Met Jeng today and I must say this was my best float ever! Jeng was patient and detailed, float tent had just the right temp and absolute nothingness unlike the other float pods. If I have time I would float for 4hrs!

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